Tuesday, August 17, 2010

you are my twin

last time you call me and tell me about your biology result. it was excellent. sometimes, i think of you, my dear. my friends always keep asking about you, and i'm tired to tell them the same thing about you. for this time, i want to "mencanangkan" about you in my blog for the first time...
her name is izzati hanisah and i just called her "jati". that nickname only can be use by my family, neither friends nor anyone else. she look fierce but she is soft-hearted person. she is funny, miserable, happy go lucky and also like to take her oown pictures.hahaha...Jaunty is a new nickname for her. i hope she will get 4.00 at kolej matrikulasi selangor (KMS). all the best for you my dear. love you so much. muah2!

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