Saturday, March 10, 2012

Muslim harus menjadi produktif 2

Sometimes... we can do it, but we can't Istiqamah in what have we doing. therefore, we need to discipline!
How to develop discipline?
Higher purpose ( serving Allah ) + Practice! Practice! Practice! (fasting, solat on time) + Self accountability (the scrolls)

Bonus Advice
  • Do something when you don't feel like doing it! (be professional)
  • Better to die trying, rather than to give up.
  • Be aware of "slipping points"(something that make you not discipline.
  • Have a mentor/coach/teacher.
  • Doa, doa, doa.

"Insya'Allah, you will get the Barakah!"

Barakah- what is it?
If Allah put Barakah in your house, you will feel relief. If Allah put Barakah in your food, a few bite make you full.
When we lose the Barakah...will feel that something's wrong with us.
The best bareakah is in our ibadah.
Barakah...only from Him.

But, what is sources of Barakah?
  • Good intention
  • Piety and belief in Allah
  • Put your trust in Allah
  • Reading Al-Quran
  • Say Bismillah in everything we do
  • Eating with people
  • Honesty in trade
  • Doa-Ask parents to make doa for us
  • Halal income-it will last in Barakah
  • Following sunnah
  • Doing istikharah
  • Giving thanks to Allah- not only thanks Allah by words, but also using our nikmat into beneficial things.
  • Charity
  • tying ties of kinship
  • Wake up early
  • Marriage
  • Solat
  • Istigfar

Physical productivity
If you can manage your sleep, you can manage your life!
Managing sleep.
1/3 of our life is spent for sleeping
cannot resisted
important for health & well being

Significant of sleep
sign of Allah's power
realization our weaknesses
reminder to death
rewards to those who overcome sleep with worship

What to do...
Before sleep
witir prayer
doa for sleep

During sleep
constant remembrance
doa if you wake up middle of the ights
doa if you can sleep

to be continued...productive sleep.

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