Saturday, March 10, 2012

Muslim harus menjadi produktif 3

Most people belief that we need 6 hours everyday. That's true. However, quality of sleeping is more important than its quantity.

How to sleep?
exercise to burn of stress
do not eat after isya'
no caffein in the morning
stretch before going to bed
make the room as cool as possible (because well sleep well in cool temperature)
do light reading before bed
avoid TV/latop/screen etc

sleep circle
we are not machine
everything in our body pulses rhythmically

  • if you put alarm at the right time, you wake up at natural
  • most people complete a sleep circle in 90-110 minutes
  • more sleep circle you have, i will help to heal and pair the chemicals in the brain more

early rising
Ya Allah, berkatilah umatku yang berpagi-pagi-hadith
Early rising starts at the night before
have daily routine that exercise you
effective way way to wake up is be consistent in 21 days to light your habit, however, you need to istikomah in 66 days to make it permanent habit.

Tips to have a quality sleep
choose a safe place
have a light blanket
set an alarm
darker the room
calm your body by breathing slowly and deeply
having a 'clean heart' before going to bed by...
forgiving those wronged you
resolving conflicts emotional issues
do not sleep whilst angry
if too late to talk to someone, write it down.

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